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BeerMoneyForum is a paid-to-post forum that is dedicated to the discussion of making money online. Users are able to learn about new sites, programs and methods to earn money whilst earning money themselves when contributing to the forum. But is it a good alternative to other paid-to-post forums? And can you make money from it to fund your project? Let’s find out.

How does it work?

Similar to ForumCoin, once registered, users are able to create topics and contribute to discussions and doing so allows them to earn BMF (the virtual forum currency). BMF can then be exchanged for money or services from other users. Unlike other paid-to-post forums though, the forum is based around helping users to make money online so whilst you contribute and earn money, you will come across new sites, programs and methods that other users are using and recommend to you.

However, it’s not as easy as it sounds. Whilst the community is extremely friendly and helpful, make sure that you don’t break any rules as members will not be hesitant to report you to be rewarded with BMF. BeerMoneyForum has implemented several rules that can lead to the loss of your earned BMF so it’s extremely important that you follow them. For example, not logging in at least once per month will lead to your balance being reset to 0BMF, although this should not be an issue for most active money makers.

How can I make money on BeerMoneyForum?

There are several ways to make money on BeerMoneyForum including:

  • Posting – You can earn 50BMF for new threads and 20BMF for replying to a discussion. Users can also lock any of their content (tutorials etc.) and readers will need to pay you BMF to access that particular content. Furthermore, if someone likes your post, you will earn 10BMF (this comes out of their balance so be careful when liking someone’s post!).
  • Referrals – For every active member that you refer to BeerMoneyForum, you will receive 1000BMF (equivalent to $1). To count as an active member, your referral must pass 100 messages.
  • Surveys – Completely blowing competitors out of the water, BeerMoneyForum has recently introduced BeerSurveys, an external site that allows you to earn BMF for completing surveys, offers and downloading apps. This is a great method to increase your daily earnings by completing quick & easy tasks.
  • Promo Codes – Keep an eye out for special promotional codes as these can be used to earn BMF for free.
  • Marketplace – The marketplace contains offers and tasks as requested by other users of BeerMoneyForum that will allow you to earn BMF. This is a great section to spend time in when you hit the hourly post limit (explained further down) as tasks can be high paying.
  • Reporting unsolicited messages – Did you receive an unsolicited private message from someone advertising their site or referral link? Report them and if they get banned you will receive 500BMF!

A unique method, the minimum payout amount for BeerMoneyForum is community choice and is influenced by a public poll present on the forum. This means that the amount could change at any moment. However, the community initially voted for it to be $1 and this has not changed since. Everyone loves being paid as soon as possible so this is unlikely to ever change.

Conversion Rate : 1000BMF = $1

Posting Information

As mentioned before, there is a posting limit on BeerMoneyForum similar to ForumCoin. However, the posting limit implemented here is much less restrictive with it being reset every hour. Users are able to create 3 new threads and reply to 3 discussions every hour, with BMF NOT being rewarded until an hour later after reaching the limit.

It is important to remember that the owner is looking for high quality and genuine thoughts when posting on the forum. Content must have at least 100 characters to receive rewards and must contribute to the discussion. Users may be banned without notice if they are caught copying & pasting from other sites or for posting low-quality content.

Getting Paid

There are currently several payment methods available to BeerMoneyForum users which includes PayPal (min $1), Payeer (min $1), Perfect Money (min $1), Bitcoin (min $10), Ethereum (min $10) and Skrill (min $10).

Payments are paid on the 25th of the month so it may be a while before you receive your money. It may be wise to hold on to requesting payments until around the 25th so that you can try to earn more BMF which will mean you receive a higher payment. It’s also important to take into consideration the PayPal fees which will come out from your payment.

Is it worth my time?

ForumCoin: 500FC / 1FC per post = 500 Posts ($5)

BeerMoneyForum: 5000BMF / 20BMF per post = 250 Posts ($5)

It’s easy to see that BeerMoneyForum is the better option of the two especially as the posting limit is hourly. This allows you to earn up to 210BMF per hour! As a paid-to-post forum, BeerMoneyForum is definitely worth your time. However, it may be wise to not spend too much time on it and focus on other high-paying money making sites and methods.


In this current time, it’s not always easy to come across a legitimate paid-to-post forum that also has a decent pay rate and earning opportunities. BeerMoneyForum won’t make you large amounts of money but it is good for making a couple of dollars every week or so. It will also be a great site for those that are new to making money online as it will allow you to come across new and high paying sites, programs and methods that you can take advantage of. Furthermore, that couple of dollars that you earn can then be used to fund your monthly hosting costs or even your domain name.

If you do decide to join BeerMoneyForum, I wish you the best of luck and if you have any questions or issues, feel free to leave a comment below and I will you assist as best as I can.



  • Low minimum payout ($1)
  • Quick & helpful support
  • Several methods to earn money


  • Community will ensure your mistakes are reported
  • Must be active or risk losing your balance
  • Owner is very anti-competitive
Earnings Per Day
Earning Potential
Ease of Earning

Final Verdict

BeerMoneyForum is a legitimate paid-to-post forum that you can take advantage of to help fund your project. Whilst the earnings may not be large, it will help fund smaller purchases such as a domain or even your monthly hosting costs.