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Accepting investment versus hoping people pay for your project  

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Have you ever been in a situation where you've started a project and probably needed some start-up money to get yourself going. For me, you're either going to pay that out of your pocket or look at maybe getting a co-investor. I do feel however that some people just start projects to burn money out of other people - I've seen it happen to certain people I know who have got a bit more money and certain people seem to just gravitate towards them with their begging hat ready asking for plugins, software, themes and so on. 

Have you ever been in situations where you seen people like this? Maybe at some point you've done it yourself in order to get a project off the ground. What do you think?  Is this acceptable behavior? 

Posted : 11/05/2019 6:12 pm
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I think it depends on your project size and your financial capacity. However, financial planning is as important as project planning. If you don't plan about your capital or depend on others like friends and family then it's better to dump your plan.

I suggest you to check the viability of your project from different angles before going ahead with it. As far a partnership project, I am dead against it as most such projects end-up due to dispute for one or the other reason. I think it's better to approach a bank and arrange the capital. Banks provide up to 80% of required capital on a reasonable interest. 

Posted : 13/05/2019 7:08 pm
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I've dealt with this dude who is always wanting extra XF licenses.  Nonetheless, it's not a big deal to me  - because I have a lot of them.   However, though, the problem is this guy isn't very stable.  He never completes projects.  He often messes up projects.  In other words, I don't really want to deal with him much!

Well, I can say, though, working with him is always fun, nonetheless.  In fact, it's very educational - but, in the long run, I've simply had enough of it - and he has also frustrated anyone else involved in those projects.

Posted : 28/06/2019 9:45 am
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I've never asked for hand outs, I worked hard for all my forum funding and never really funded anyone else.

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Posted : 02/07/2019 6:00 am
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We've asked for modifications for free without giving back to the guy in any way except that he could offer it to other people. We were more of guinea pig test site for some of his creations and then we also came up with ideas for him to use.

Other than donations from supporting members we haven't asked anyone for anything beyond coming to post on the site.

Posted : 12/07/2019 3:07 pm
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