Mixkit is a brand new site by Envato (the owners of ThemeForest and other similar marketplaces) that offers free high definition stock videos for your project.

The site is essentially a gallery of high-quality videos and animated content that have been created by the “world’s most talented creators”, all of which has been licensed for free so that you can use for non-commercial and commercial purposes (so you can use it for your professional projects).

The site is relatively new which is shown by the lack of a large number of videos and content on the site. However, with Mixkit being recently featured on Product Hunt as the product of the week, it should not take long for the popularity of the site to grow rapidly thus resulting in more free content being shared.

You should also subscribe to the Mixkit newsletter which will ensure that you are updated with the latest content with 10 new, free videos each week promised to users that do so.

Why was Mixkit created?

Mixkit is a product from us here at Envato. Late last year we started shooting a lot of video content for our Placeit product, and decided maybe we should release some of it for free — one thing led to another, and I asked one of our teams to open up a bigger gallery of high quality footage and animation from not just our team, but other creators. We’re excited to see it online, and hope you are too! ~ Collis on Product Hunt

One example of an animation offered for free by Mixkit

Will you be using Mixkit for your personal or professional projects? And if you are, what is your favourite video offered for free?

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