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Admin Loop has several locations and placements available for potential advertisers to promote and showcase their site, business or product on our website. This is the perfect opportunity to advertise to users from a variety of backgrounds and from around the world. Whilst we recommend webmaster and business related advertisements, we are open to advertising all types of sites, businesses and products.

For enquiries and more details on advertising on Admin Loop including prices, send us an email by clicking here.

Header Banners

This advertising spot is present on the header of all pages (except the main homepage) and is available in a variety of sizes. There are two options available for potential advertisers. The first option allows you to have either a 500×90 or 450×90 banner placed on the header which means you will be sharing the ad space with another advertiser. However, choosing a larger banner size will mean your ad will be the sole advertisement in that space.

Sidebar Banners

Present on all pages on the sidebar, this spot is available in a wide range of banner sizes. This is a static advertisement and will not be rotating with any other advertisements.

In-Article Advertising

This is currently the best spot to advertise on Admin Loop. Our in-article advertising will allow you to place your advertisements in between article content, at the top of articles or near the bottom of articles. This can include both text links and banner advertising and is available in a wide range of sizes.

Sponsored Reviews/Articles

Sponsored reviews are a unique opportunity where sites will review or write an article about your particular website, business or product. This service has a flat rate of $10 per review/article and will be written at the discretion of the Admin Loop staff. We currently only accept webmaster related websites, businesses and products at the moment.

404 Advertising

This advertising spot is present on the 404 Not Found error page and is available in the 380×77 banner size. This has a flat rate of $1 for a month.

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