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ForumCoin is described as being a “new world currency”, an online currency that can be earned easily by simply participating in the forum. In simple terms, it is a paid to post forum where you can receive PayPal money, gift cards and services. But is it a legitimate source of income? And is it worth your time? Let’s have a look.

How does it work?

The concept is quite simple and similar to any other paid to post forum out there. You post around the forum, contributing to discussions and creating new ones which reward you with ForumCoin. This can then be exchanged with other users or spent in the shop to get various different rewards including PayPal cash and gift cards.

How do I earn money on ForumCoin?

This is where ForumCoin starts to differentiate itself from its competitors. The main method of earning money on ForumCoin will, of course, be through posting on the various forums. Different sections of the forum will have different earning rates (all of which are specified on the ForumCoin FAQ) but to maximise earnings, you should try to focus on the Webmaster Questions, Discussion & news and the Business, Money & Wealth forum which pay 1.5FC per topic and 1FC per reply.

If writing is your forte, then it may be wise to have a look at article writing for the Articles & Tutorials section which can pay up to 150FC per article.

You could always rely on referrals for your earnings as well. Users can earn 25FC for each active member (must have 20 forum posts to discourage fake & spam registrations) that they refer. Unfortunately, the reward for each referred user is one-time and you won’t earn a percentage of their earnings.

Users may also earn FC through the ForumCoin Exchanges forum where you can complete services and tasks for other users in exchange for ForumCoin. This is a great section to have a look at if you have hit the daily post limit, which I will talk more about later in the article.

The current exchange rate is 1 Forum Coin = $0.01

What should I focus my effort on?

Your main focus should, of course, be on posting on the ForumCoin forum. You can maximise your daily earnings by focusing on both the Webmaster Questions, Discussion & News and Business, Money & Wealth – BMW Forum, both of which pay 1.5FC per topic and 1FC per reply. You may wish to continue posting after hitting your daily post limit but remember that you will only earn 20% of the usual rate.

ForumCoin Faucet

The ForumCoin Faucet is also a great earning opportunity to keep an eye on. This is an external website that allows users to earn 0.04FC every 5 minutes. Unfortunately, it does require you to manually click the button every 5 minutes, nevertheless, 0.04FC for doing almost nothing can be quite rewarding in the long run.

Is it worth my time?

This is a tough question to answer because it depends on your circumstances and what you are happy with earning in relation to time spent. As I mentioned earlier, ForumCoin has a daily post limit (currently set at 10) where you will only make 20% of the usual rate for making posts after reaching the limit. This severely limits your earning potential per day.

So let’s look at an alternative to ForumCoin, PostLoop. PostLoop is a middle man service that allows you to be paid for posting on various different forums. An average earning per post over there will earn you around $0.07. It’s easy to see which option is better.

ForumCoin : 500FC / 1.5FC = 333 New Topics, 333 Topics / 10 Topics Per Day = 33.3 days ~ $5

PostLoop : 100 Points / 1 Point (up to 2 Points for higher rated users) = 100 Topics or Posts ~ $5

Not only will PostLoop allow you to earn money much quicker, $5 in this example, you will also need to post much less to get that $5.

That doesn’t mean that ForumCoin is a bad site that you should avoid. It may be a waste of time for some users looking for much bigger earnings, but if you don’t mind posting 10 quick posts a day, you can get around $5 per month which isn’t too bad. It all depends on what you are happy with earning and your personal circumstances.

An important thing to consider of course is that in my example, I only considered earnings by posting on the forum. You can, of course, increase this massively by referring users actively and completing tasks for other users in exchange for FC.

How can it help me fund my project?

Not only will you earn some money that can be spent on various things for your project ranging from hosting to themes, but you will also be able to redeem your FC for domain names. Users are able to exchange 900FC for a domain name from the owner, Fergal. The exchange forum can also be used to receive services from other members for your project including graphic design, forum posting and even social media followers. Additionally, the promotion forum can be used to promote your site and gain quick exposure.


ForumCoin is a great community of users that are all, like you, looking to earn money online. If the earning rates aren’t for you, then it may still be a good idea to join and have a look around to find some great money making sites and methods.



  • Great & friendly community
  • Established forum with no issues
  • Quick payouts via PayPal & other payment methods


  • Daily points limit affects earning rate
  • No continued earnings from referrals
Earnings Per Day
Earning Opportunities
Ease Of Earning

Final Verdict

A wonderful community that allows you to earn money whilst learning about new & highly rated money making methods from other users. However, the lack of high money making opportunities on site may be a deterrent to some.