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I’m sure that you’ve read the Grab Points review and how great it is for funding your project. The reliability of the site and well-paying sites made it great for anyone looking to help fund domains, hosting and other purchases. And now, ZoomBucks might be a great additional site to use alongside Grab Points. But is it as good? Let’s find out.

How does it work?

If you use Grab Points, you may as well skip this question because the site is identical. ZoomBucks is a rewards site that will pay you to complete surveys and offers including downloading apps or joining websites.

The site has a live feed of all activity on ZoomBucks so that you know when someone completes a particular survey or offer or when they request a reward. This can be used to your benefit by keeping an eye on what offers are working well for other users so that you can do the same.

How much can I make?

1000 points = $1

ZoomBucks has a large number of survey and offers providers on the site allowing you to complete whatever you want without issue. Personally, I like to use the YourSurveys provider as they provide short & interesting surveys whilst also paying you a great rate of $0.94 per survey. Furthermore, offers include watching videos, downloading apps and even joining websites although some require you to deposit funds to get large rewards.

The site also has a referral earnings program where you can earn up to 250 points (maximum points given to tier 1 country referrals). However, this referral bonus is only given when your user earns at least 1000 points which shouldn’t be an issue since that can easily be done by simply completing 1-2 surveys.

There are several rewards on ZoomBucks including PayPal, Skrill and Amazon giftcards. PayPal payments start at just $3 (or 3000 points) and all payments are usually made within 24-48 hours of requesting.

Is it worth my time?

For a lot of users, any site that is legitimate and helps them make money will be worth their time. And ZoomBucks is exactly that. With average earnings of around $0.94 – $1.20 per survey (most don’t take longer than 10-15 minutes each), you can easily make over $10 per day and still have time to focus on other sites. This is especially good if you are yet to start and set up your online project as you can easily get the funds for domains, hosting and software/theme in a few days.

How will it help fund my project?

By doing a couple of surveys, you should be able to make around $5-10 a day, maybe even more if you have the time. Payments, as mentioned before are available via PayPal and Skrill if you want it as a cash value. This is a great way to fund various purchases for your project including domains, monthly hosting costs and even themes.

However, that’s not it. With various gift cards available, you could potentially also redeem these and then offer them as rewards to your users through contests and even giveaways to entice them to your website, blog or forum.

Payment Proof

I know that a simple review of a site isn’t always enough to convince everyone. So I’ve included my latest Payment Proof from ZoomBucks to ease your uncertainty.

ZoomBucks $5 PayPal Payment Proof for Admin LoopHow do I join?

Joining ZoomBucks takes just a few seconds. Click here to visit ZoomBucks and sign up for an account. Once you’ve entered your username, email and password, you will be able to start on your journey to funding your project straight away!


ZoomBucks is so similar to Grab Points, I could have just copied the contents of our review on Grab Points and used it here. By using the site daily, you could fund every aspect of your website without having to ever dip into your own funds. You could potentially be making $300 a month just from ZoomBucks and that is not at all bad for a few surveys a day.

ZoomBucks is a brand new favourite of mine alongside Grab Points and I’m sure you will love it too. If you have any questions or issues regarding ZoomBucks, do leave a comment below or send us an email.



  • High paying & reliable surveys
  • Points awarded when screened out (certain providers)
  • Available to users from all over the world


  • Some surveys can be time-consuming
Earnings Per Day
Earning Potential
Ease of Earning

Final Verdict

If you are looking to fund your online project, ZoomBucks will be a lifesaver for you. The site will help with various purchases without you having to ever dip into your own funds. And the ease of completing surveys makes it an enjoyable experience whilst you earn money as well!