A domain name is an extremely important purchase for your online project. Not many people want to buy products from mynewshop.freehost.com. A domain name creates an identity for you and gives a professional look to your site, but not everyone has the funds to purchase their preferred domain name. Here are five sites that will help pay for your domain.

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PrizeRebel is a well established online survey site that will help you earn enough money for a domain within just a few days. Users can take surveys, complete offers and watch videos for points which can then be exchanged for rewards including PayPal cash. In this case, the reward we will be aiming for will be of course be PayPal as it would allow us to fund a domain purchase.

Make sure to focus your time on “Your Surveys” as they currently offer surveys that are both high paying and not time consuming. Depending on your demographics, you should be able to make around $5 in less than an hour. Additionally, with most domain registrars having promotions for domain names, you will be able to buy a TLD for less than $5!


Grab Points

Similar to PrizeRebel, GrabPoints is a rewards site that pays you to complete various offers including taking surveys, watching videos and even downloading apps. There’s not much that I can write about Grab Points because what I mentioned for PrizeRebel applies for this site as well. However, one major difference with Grab Points is the large collection of survey providers that lets you earn a wide range of points for completing surveys. For example, one provider will pay you $1.30 per survey which you wouldn’t get on PrizeRebel. Additionally, Grab Points pays you a much higher rate per survey for the “Your Surveys” provider (PrizeRebel pays $0.77 vs. Grab Points paying $0.94).

WIth Grab Points, there are two methods of payments that will allow you to get a domain – PayPal & Skrill. However, I would recommend that you go with PayPal for payments as a lot more domain registrars accept PayPal.


Forum Promotion

Forum Promotion is a large & established webmaster forum that is focused on internet marketing to support webmasters with their websites. With Forum Promotion, you can earn FP$ for posting around on the forum and completing tasks for other users on the Marketplace.

Forum Promotion - Earn A Free DomainThe Forum Promotion Shop provides users with domain names in exchange for FP$ through NameCheap (for 6000FP$). However, the domain name will only be transferred to your NameCheap account after 2 months (unless you are prepared to pay a fee) which is to put off anyone looking to quickly sell domains on for profit.

Earning FP$ is extremely easy. Whilst posting around on the forum is the most obvious and easiest method of income, it may be wise to spend more time on the Forum Cash Exchanges section. This is where members offer FP$ for simple tasks to be completed by others. For example, you can earn 500FP$ for just registering on a forum and posting an introduction. Additionally, you can earn up to 500FP$ for writing articles for the FP blog.


BeerMoneyForum.com (Read our review)

BeerMoneyForum is a paid to post forum dedicated to helping each other make money online. Using BMF to fund a domain is quite easy, you simply post on the forum which rewards you with BMF Tokens. These BMF Tokens can be exchanged for PayPal cash which can be used to buy a domain name.

One major benefit of using BeerMoneyForum is that it is extremely easy to earn BMF Tokens. Whether it’s by posting on the forum or completing offers for others on the Marketplace, your balance will go up rapidly. Furthermore, the minimum cashout amount is only $1 which means that you aren’t required to spend a lot of time on the site to fund your domain.


ForumCoin (Read our review)

Similar to BeerMoneyForum, ForumCoin is an online currency that can be earned by participating in the forum. You can then use the currency to either exchange it for PayPal or request a domain to be purchased for you.

It’s important to note that a domain name purchase from ForumCoin will set you back 900FC (valued at $9). It is a much better idea to request a PayPal cashout (500FC for $5) and purchase the domain yourself as you can always find a special promotion for domains that result in you spending less than $5.

Furthermore, earning FC is extremely easy. If you do register with FC, have a look at writing articles for the forum as you can earn up to 150FC per article.

Domain names are an important aspect of your website that you should not ignore. I hope that the sites that I have mentioned above can help you fund your domain purchase and make sure to check out Admin Loop’s Domains & Hosting section for the latest special discounts on domains.

If you have any questions or issues, feel free to leave a comment below or send us an email.